Sarah Massey is a proud member of the LBGTQ community, a Harley enthusiast, and is developing a new startup in safer tech.

Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey is a leader.

One of the first out, queer tech startup co-founders advancing LGBTQ+ equality in Europe, the USA, and now globally. 

An inspirational speaker and writer, using down to earth storytelling for educating. 

At heart, a community organizer with a vision of a more inclusive and just society.

What I Do

DEI work for the LGBTQ+ community

Marketing: identify and connect with your audiences

Media relations

Content production: writing, social media, websites, video


(2005 – Current)
Massey Media LLC in Washington, DC
Massey Media in Amsterdam

(2020 – Current)

Director of Communications
(2017 – 2020)
National LGBTQ Task Force

Media Director
(2011 – 2013)
Project Vote

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